Letter from Giancarlo Crupi

Dear Friends,

The third year of our project is over and I like, now, to share with you what we have already achieved.

As you may recall, our first two missions in Amman were carried out successfully on March and May 2014 at the Jordan University Hospital from where we moved to the Al Khalidi Hospital were two more missions were performed on November of the same year and on April 2015.

We then moved to the Istiklal Hospital were we made our first mission on August of the same year followed by four other missions, included this last one from November 12 through 17.

Our pilgrimage was due to the need to work in an hospital where we could perform our surgeries using the least medical staff while working in safety and reducing the cost of each operation to the minimum.  It is important to emphasize that saving on the cost of each surgery will allow us to allocate our remaining resources for treating one more kid of our long waiting list

Actually, our medical personnel is made up only by myself and Duccio di Carlo a surgeon from Rome together with a Palestinian anesthesiologist who has worked with us since the beginning of our project and who deserve my most sincere gratitude. I like, also, to thank my italian colleagues Giovanni di Dedda, Laura Preda e Silvana Crisci who have occasionally joined us in Amman. The remaining medical and nursing personnel is all Giordanians an their fees are included in the final bill that we pay for each single case

I like, also, to thank, all those who have made possible to achieve our results. The very successful events organized recently in Bergamo, Brescia and Stresa were all important not only for fund-raising for emphasizing the consequences of the Syrian war upon the children that are in need of medical care and for a very successful fund raising campaign

Our special thanks go to Gift of Life Inc. and in particular to its current President, Francesco di Marco, who have made possible to commence and to develop our common project and to treat “forty-seven children” coming mostly from the refugee camps in the northern Jordan . This project would have never begin without the great help of Gift of life Inc.

Our next mission, as for the middle of January 2017, has already been planned for treating five children from the Gaza strip who are in urgent need for sugery. However, the transfer of those children from Gaza to Amman has become more difficult than initially thought. A sizeable alternative would  be that of performing surgery for these five children in a new hospital, the Istishari Arab Hospital, located in Palestine at Ramallah.

I am planning to fly to Tel-Aviv for reaching Ramallah and to make possible any arrangement for allowing a successful surgery to performed over there.

Again, I like to thank everyone fot their support that has allowed our dream to become a reality.


Photo 1 : Dr Giancarlo Crupi was the recipient of the Gift of Life Humanitarian Award 2015, presented at New York on May 1, 2015. From right to left, Francesco di Marco, president and founder, Veronica Tsang and Mary Reardon